About us

Our team is committed to user-centered design, allowing our clients and stakeholders to interact with a prototype (or mock-up) before the start of actual development. This allows us to give form to the functional requirements, affordances and features from a user’s point of view. We experience that our existing clients really value this design methodology, giving them confidence about the project from start and preventing any unexpected outcomes after their investment.

During the design process we pay special attention to web accessibility and usability standards, making our web designs easy to read and comprehend by all visitors (humans and search engines) and all devices (PC’s, laptops, tablet PC’s, PDA’s and mobile phones). We make this possible by separating content, presentation and interaction elements, creating valid and clean XHTML code according to the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility guidelines (WCAG) and 508 Compliant.

Using our automated testing tools, we track any cross browser issues and fix them before the presentation of our final prototype. This means that our website design will be compatible with the most popular browsers in use: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome. In fact, we will present cross-browser and resolution dependent screenshots of our design together with our final prototype.