Our Capabilities

Web Site Developement:

Website development and migration to Drupal 7 and 8 distributions (front and back end)

CMS theming/building

Acquia API and Cloud Hooks

Third Party API integration

Custom themes utilizing Bootstrap, HTML5, PHP, jQuery, Javascript, and CSS

Custom modules or functionality

Full stack management (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) on many different webhosting servers

Utilizing Acquia DEV Desktop to build locally

Proficient with Acquia’s webhosting environments DEV/Stage/PROD

Content management (large and small scale) using PHP, Drupal, Java, and jQuery

Cloud Web hosting technologies: Acquia Cloud (Certified developer), Amazon AWS Cloud management of VPC/EC2/S3/EFS/DynamoDB/Route53/CodeDeploy, Wordpress, Acquia DevDesktop

Current PHP analysis and testing

Software Skills:

Utilize Dreamweaver for code management and customization

Utilize Abode products for website graphics: Illustrator, Photoshop, and 3-D Graphics

Utilize Atlassian JIRA in Agile environment to track issues, tasks, and progress

Database mining with SQL queries and back end database tables management

UNIX Command line and scripts editing and execution

SVN and GIT Version Control Systems/Apps to manage Drupal code: Tortoise SVN, Dreamweaver, and SourceTree


Creation of documentation and RunBooks for administrators and end users for webhosting platforms, coding apps, SVN/GIT repositories, Drupal content editing, Drupal module customization/configurations, and troubleshooting manual for Drupal on Acquia webhosting platform

Recommendations to the business units regarding content and functionality of the website

Improve Performance:

Website performance testing and improvement utilizing certain caching modules/tools/configurations

Monitor website performance, page loading time, page errors, and page visits based on geographic location

SEO optimization and Google Analytics

Website Security:

User roles, permissions and web site security

CAS authentication module configuration

Multifactor authentication via mobile phone

Multiple methods for securing webforms

Organic Groups module configuration for large number of users

Update and maintain security for modules